College Students: Are you making sleep a priority?

Is your student schedule so busy that you’ve made sleep your last priority? Is cramming all night your go-to method for studying? Recent studies have made discoveries that will make you rethink your sleeping routine. It turns out sleep is much more important than we think, especially for college students.

In a study made by The Journal of American College Health, students were asked to either stay awake for a full day, or get a full 8 hours of sleep. The study showed that students who got the complete night sleep did significantly better.

Studying intensively for the long hours of the night has been a college student’s go-to strategy for ages. The theory that cramming all through the night before the testing day will help you better remember material is a misconception. In fact, studies show that this technique actually works the opposite way of how you want it to. Instead of reserving the information in your brain, studying at the eleventh hour doesn’t give the brain enough time to “properly store the last minute material.” This is a result in the brain’s inability to secure recently conformed memories on little sleep.

Sleep can not only interfere with school performance, but can cause several health problems. Conditions such as depression and sleep paralysis can be caused by sleep deprivation along with a weak immune system.

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