IQ Features: Collaboration through Video Conferencing

One of the most critical components to a student’s success is engagement. It is found time and time again that students cannot properly attain material without their engagement with their teacher and other students. That said, student and teacher collaboration should be part of the class curriculum. Why is that? Students have questions. Questions that need to be answered. And when students feel as though they can easily have access to answering these questions, learning is a much simpler process.

In addition, students have always been traditionally put into a classroom together for a reason. Students, from a young age, have been taught to form into groups to solve questions and learn from one another. In fact, it has been found that students who have practiced teaching the material to other students can much for effectively “master” the material.

So, if human interaction is such a key part of the learning process, what are students of MOOCS (major open online courses) to do when their teacher could be hundreds of miles away? Most MOOCs have found this to be a problem.

However, IQ has found a solution to this block in the system. IQ has designed an online course platform that is made to make interaction between both students and teachers an ease of access. Between real time question pages and video conferencing features, student engagement is still easily accessible when hundreds of miles apart.

Read about our easy to manage video conferencing feature:
Because HD video conferencing is an important feature of a social engagement tool, iQ can provide its clients with a cloud-based multi-party video platform, supporting up to 25 video participants per meeting and scaling to more. No additional infrastructure, hardware or software is required. All you need is a video-enabled device and any web browser.
• Multi-party supporting up to 25 participants per meeting
• Cloud-based
• High-resolution video conferencing
• HD Content Sharing
• Video on the go with support for mobile devices
• Enterprise grade security

IQ makes student engagement easy and still gives access to quality education for anyone around the world.