E-learning trends: Education Technology on the Rise

America is known to be one of the primary users of education technology, yet new studies have shown that certain forms of e-learning has been on the rise on a global scale. According to “5 Top Trends in Education Technology 2015”, the GIA (Global Industry Analysis) says that the global e-learning industry will reach nearly 107 million dollars in 2015. Why the increase? According to GIA, companies seek to find education alternatives for their employees that can allow students to learn on their own time. However, these e-learning alternatives are specifically for corporate training. According to the article, many MOOCs haven’t adopted what making corporate e-learning so successful, which is student customization. E-learning tools have been designed to make the student the center of attention instead of the course. This unique customization, “allows employees in every industry and at any level to experience the power of customized training, 24/7, on any device. Unlike with classroom-based training, learners can train on their own time using customized formats. Everyone can move at their own pace, learning what they need to know and exploring their own interests.”

Why, then, can’t undergraduates have access to a similar model for their college education? This e-learning model should not be unique to only corporate employees, but should be available to students before they are even hired. iQ technologies has done just that. With an entire online institution built upon the student, a student’s accomplishments, skills, passions, experience, and past courses are all kept in the cloud so they are not forgotten. In short, students get to build up a resume simply from their experiences as a student and from doing what they already love to do. Therefor, internships and job opportunities will come to the student. iQ technologies is looking to change the way the world looks at education, and making the education experience customizable for the student.

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Article Source:
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By Emily Cave
Social Media Marketer, iQ Technologies.