College Students’ New Years Resolutions

The new year brings on new goals for everyone, especially for college students balancing grades, money, and time. Often a new year means a chance to start over; and college students often try to fill their new year with more accomplishments, and more opportunities. Here are some new year’s resolutions for those college co-eds:

Better Grades: Seems simple, right? College students almost always set this goal, but rarely know what works to make it happen.

Communicate with Teachers: With big lectures, six-hundred students, and busy professors, this nearly seems impossible in the typical college settings. Perhaps, this is maybe why students struggle communicating with their own professors, and may find themselves falling behind in class. However, it has been proven time and time again that communication with teachers (ie. asking critical questions, clarifying material) escalates student learning and leads to high academic achievements.

The solution? iQ Technologies offers what college students need to communicate effectively with teachers. With real-time technology, students can set up video conferencing with teachers, and send direct quick messages to professors, and gets answers within minutes.

Find mentors/tutors: Sometimes students need that extra help to more comprehensively understand the teacher. But, students often find that tutors can be expensive, and hard to find. However, some of the best teachers in the academic world are students themselves.

The solution? Some of the best teachers in the academic world are students themselves. Students who teach other students often find themselves learning the material even better. iQ’s “Expertise Management” tool allow students to expand their contacts in the community. Expertise Management connects student knowledge of relevant academic subjects by letting the recommendation engine direct them to connection, tailored to their specific interests.Students can use “Experts” group page to find peers who are expertise in certain subjects, and can more easily (and inexpensively) get mentors. Students become the experts themselves, and this creates of a strong community of learning.

Ask More Questions: It’s been the age old advice for years: If you’re having trouble in school, ask more questions. Of course, college students know this. However, finding the time to ask questions in giant classrooms can be difficult, and students often have to wait in line for their questions to be answered. So, many students are forced to leave their questions unanswered, and the confusion may ensue. How can students reach their goal to ask more questions and become more engaged?

The Solution: iQ’s smart platform allows every student to ask questions to the community. iQ’s smart platform contains a “Questions” live feed page for students to utilize for specific classes.

Students can get feedback and answers from experts in various topic areas, within moments. Students can post a question to everyone, a group, or a category within their network. Immediate feedback excels student learning and allows students to reach their goals.

New Year’s resolutions are possible for students this year and an entire new generation of collegiates will have access to the quality education they deserve. iQ removes distance from distance learning.