College Student Reliance on Mobile Apps

As the technological revolution ensues, more and more college students rely on technology to thrive in school. In fact, nearly 75% of college students (from a sample of 500, research carried out by Pew Research Institute) say that they rely on technology to complete school work. These numbers are just from students enrolled in traditional classrooms, and where we find even more technology centered students are on e-learning campuses. As of currently, over 12 million students take one or more online classes, and in 2014, nearly 3.5 million students took entirely online classes. With the vast amount of millennials taking a shift towards technology education, we have to ask ourselves, what about technology is appealing for students?
The answer is simple. Technology brings upon an entirely new set of tools that students are now able to utilize. Technology creates an incredible convenience for students as well as gaining them access to an entire world of information at their fingertips. Students are now able to excel in school more than ever before, now contributing to new discoveries and research, instead of just reading about it in textbooks.

One popular technology source is the mobile application for smartphones. Mobile applications allow for the portability of learning, allowing for students to communicate, learn, and complete assignments from anywhere with a cellphone connection. With the growing population of students who own smartphones, apps have become increasingly popular. In fact, nearly 102,062 million apps have been downloaded worldwide, and a projected 268,692 million apps will be downloaded in 2017. As students progress to the use of online courses, as well as the use of mobile apps, it would only make sense that the two could be combined to make an optimum user experience for college students.

iQ technologies has taken into consideration the patterns of modern students and what they need to succeed. iQ has allow the conversation to move with you on the go. Responsive web design provides an improved user experience on mobile devices. iQ has created a custom mobile application support, where students can truly take their school wherever they go. Unlike many other online institutions, iQ technologies has developed a platform where students can quickly and easily communicate with professors and students. Access a user-friendly mobile platform where you can view live feed from other students, ask and answer questions, receive updates from class groups, join in on study group sessions, and learn more about school events from anywhere. Remove distance from distance learning.

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