Education Technology Beyond Graduation

Where does education technology fit in beyond the classroom? Beyond graduation? Some of the biggest issues in higher education today isn’t always the education itself, but establishing good employment fits for the recently graduated. It’s not new news that more and more college graduates are having trouble finding employment, no matter how qualified they may be. Recently TechCrunch magazine describes a world in which education technology can be incorporated, quite appropriately, into job-searching (and employee searching). Here’s three ways that technology is transforming employment:

1. Competency data is more available for the recently graduated. With online education, technology is more able to gauge the skills and qualifications of students, making this information more readily available for employers. Techcrunch describes, “Online psychometric assessments, e-portfolios and micro-credentials are surfacing student competencies beneath the level of the terminal credential (i.e. degree).”
2. There are also clear pathways, as described, for employers to use this information for hiring. ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems, are one way in which students can use their own information (which they have built up over the years) and easily make it available to employers for applications. This not only reduces the time for students to apply for jobs, but also keeps all their information in one spot, reducing the risk for forgetting any hard work.
3. Finally, the efficiency of these tools is heightened through the use of specific algorithms, created specifically for matching job descriptions to student qualifications. This enhances the relevancy for both employers and students, creating better employment fits.

iQ technologies supports this idea of student centered education technology. We create a one-stop spot where the years of experience, education, and skills are placed for one specific student. This allows the education system to be centered on the student, and the employers to instead search for students.

Learn more about ATS and employment technology through the TechCrunch article here.