Effective Communication in the Workplace: Key to Success?

The question is often asked within a business of any size: what can lead to a more effective workplace? What leads to a faster innovation in ideas? What will make this business more successful? The answer: a fostering of workplace communication, collaboration, and community. A simple fact of all humans is that we are all social beings. This has remained true throughout history, no matter how strongly modern-day bureaucracy tries to fight personal contact. The fact is that all humans have a desire to communicate with others, form personal relationships, and have the opportunity to share their ideas with others. Today, cramped work environments and isolated cubicles often cut off from effective communication between individuals who sometimes only sit a few feet away from each other.

Just like our learning environment in primary and secondary education, we grow and thrive on collaboration and socialization with our peers. This is where ideas are spread, innovation is facilitated, and productivity is multiplied. So, in today’s modern workplace where technology is the center of our attention, how do co-workers conspire to come up with better, more creative, and more innovative ideas while still being equally productive in their day-to-day duties? Our answer: a revolutionary online social platform designed specifically for the workplace. Features such as live video meetings foster creative collaboration with co-workers, and face-to-face interaction is restored. Group pages for campaigns and projects allow for plans to be stored in one place, and ideas can be bounced back-and-forth in real time. Instant messaging from the platform replaces slow, inefficient emails. Questions, comments, and proposals are posted to a live feed where they can be answered in a fraction of the time it takes for a typical e-mail circulation to elicit a response. Most importantly, these networks are social, meaning individuals finally have a chance to build relationships with their own colleagues, creating an overall happier, healthier, and more fruitful work environment.

It’s time to make our workplaces social again.