Power of Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations

Doctors Without Borders is an international humanitarian organization that provides aid, medicine, and large medical projects in countries burdened by war and endemic disease. The organization has over 36,482 employees, doctors, and volunteers in over 70 countries. Doctors without Borders is incredibly successful in what they do, making dramatic changes in the lives of thousands of individuals and communities. Many grassroot organizations are similar to Doctors without Borders in that they are committed to making a difference, and being as efficient as possible in their projects. However, running a non-profit organization is not an easy task, and it’s not uncommon for many well-meaning organizations to go under simply because of a lack of organization. Organizations big or small require an effective platform for communication, collaboration, and oversight of its volunteers. Here are three ways in which the iQ platform revolutionizes communication for the modern grassroots organization:

Communicate with Volunteers
Effective and meaningful contact with volunteers is probably the most important aspect of the non-profit framework. Communication keeps the wheels of the organization turning, and keeps productivity forward-moving. NGO presidents must oversee all employee and volunteer work, placement, and the latest project advancements. With iQ technologies, organizations can now:

Use instant messaging from any device (computers, iPhone, tablet) to reach other employees and volunteers
Post statuses on new information, project developments, questions, and updates in real time with all, or some members
Video conference in real time with up to 25 others

Sharing Stories and Sharing Impact with the World

Sponsors and donators like to see what changes your organization has made. Project updates with visual imagery and up-to-date information ensures that your sponsors will trust the work your organization has done. Keep your volunteers motivated and inspired with evidence of your hard work. Allow employees to share their stories with other employees and with the world. Help remote partners feel more connected to your project site. Often, these aspirations are difficult to meet with an organized platform. However iQ allows you to manage volunteers and share your impact with sponsors all from the same page:

-Post articles with your stories and eye-opening experiences of your volunteers
-Share live video of your organization project site, with video messaging tools

Get in touch with faculty and sponsors at critical moments
When working in high stake conditions and often risky environments, it is not uncommon for emergencies to occur on site. In these situations, it is imperative that site workers can immediately contact higher administrators and emergency personnel in these critical periods. Unexpected events call for unexpected needs for funds, and reaching out to the world for fundraising allows you to help communities as fast as possible.
We’ve integrated:
-Status updates lets the entire employee organization know of immediate emergencies, when/where they have occurred, and allows them to take proper precautions if necessary
-Publish volunteer manuals
-Facilitate deliveries to your remote locations
-Post fundraising events to content stream where sponsors can see them.
-Allow for fundraising event page to include an integrated donation service, and facilitate donations from your own platform
-Use real photos shared by volunteers at their fields to show to whom and where donations will be sent

Check out our very own interactive demo for organizations, non-profits, and NGOs here.